What is Lumenux ?

The Lumenux System replaces traditional 110V AC power distribution in buildings and RV’s with our Low-Voltage DC power. The entire system is powered and controlled over standard Ethernet connections, CAT5 cable. This means it easier and more economical to install than traditional wiring. An unprecedented level of intelligent and control over power systems in spaces of all sizes.

With reduced energy consumption of up to 90% by utilizing 12V DC devices. Our solution is simpler to install and faster than conventional Line Voltage Systems, making it an energy competitive up-front investment, many times lower than conventional wiring. Not to mention the benefits of reduced electrical infrastructure, and enabling less maintenance.

DC Power Distribution Modules (PDM)


For personal RV and Off grid power
management with management feature of
multiple electrical power outputs,
acceptance of many devices such as 12v DC
Incandescent light bulbs.


Simple analog light switches and 12v
DC dimmers.


All types of 12v DC motion sensors.


You can use any 12v DC radio equipment.


USB port.


12v DC exhaust fan Take advantage
of low energy consumption of a
12v DC refrigerators.


Take advantage of low energy
consumption 12c DC water


All these electrical devices can be powered by solar energy. According to the EPA, the average electric bill for residences in the United States was $110.21 in 2013, which means households were spending over $1,300 a year on electricity. That really adds up. It also means there’s a huge demand for fossil-fuel-based powert providers, who in turn add a significant amount of pollutants to the environment.

Solar power provides cleaner, more sustainable electricity, but few people can afford to mount solar panels on their houses, and few power providers have invested significantly in solar power generation. It’s time to take solar power into your own hands. These 12 devices won’t let you take your house off the grid, but they will help reduce your power bill and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

The PDM can be powered by connecting it to a bank of batteries, a solar panel, gas generator, wind turbine, water
turbine, or 110v AC.
The PDM has a total of 20 ports that can be used in any combination of motors, switches, lights, and sensors.

For more information on our PDM’s and how it can benefit you, please email us at: info@lumenux.com

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